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Make your own Custom Charm Jewelry!

its this summer's biggest trend!

make your own custom jewelry!

what're you waiting for!

make your own custom jewelry!

what're you waiting for!

made with love

each piece is made just to make your life a little better

Frequently asked questions

We have 3 different categories of jewelry! We have a Fine Jewelry Line (Stainless or Golf Plated Jewelry) & we have our Waterproof Collection (resin) and we also have our Everyday Jewelry which is gold plated brass or zinc & coated!

We do not have refunds, yet exchanges are available, if we are notified within the same day. Exchanges take up to 14 days, and delivery fees are charged.

In order to fulfill an exchange please fill the exchange form in the below link:

Kindly fill this form for exchange forms & we will get back to you!

Great Question and there’s 3 cases!

In the case that you get items and want to change due to taste then delivery fees are paid in full for the exchange!

The second case, is if you got damaged items and choose to exchange with the same items, then no delivery fees are charged.

In the third case, if you get items that are damaged & would like to exchange with different items, then only half of the delivery fees are charged due to the change of order selection.

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